About SIS Mold Inspections and Radon Testing

Specialists In Radon Testing and Mold Inspections

We are a small, veteran-owned business and residents of Chester County who aim to provide affordable environmental testing.

We were both in the service. Bob served in the Marine Corps for 8 years and is a Gulf War veteran. Mary Ann was in the Navy for 6 years and specialized in software development.

We moved to Chester County in 1993 and raised our children in West Chester. We have been a part of the community working and volunteering ever since. We started the mold business in 2014 and added Radon Service in 2022.

We can help quickly identify if the issue is major or simply minor and are accustomed to working with discerning, concerned, or emotional owners and tenants.

SIS Mold Inspections and Radon Testing Chester County, PA

Why Choose SIS?

  • SIS Mold Inspectors have the expertise in identifying and assessing mold growth. Our professionals are trained to use specialized tools and techniques to detect mold and evaluate the indoor air quality.
  • Our mold inspector has twenty-four years in the construction industry, including a supervisor for a major builder.
  • Our inspector holds certifications through InterNACHI as a certified home and Mold Inspector with over 3,000 mold inspections.

CMRC* Certification: 81784

Non-Micro Certifications: IAQA, NORMI, NAMP

PA Certification: #3589

NRPP: 113096-RMP

Contact Us


  • 610-960-5895

  • 1172 Skelp Level Rd, Downingtown, PA 19335

  • sismoldinspections@gmail.com

  • PA Certification #3589